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Learning XML

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a flexible way to create self-describing data and to share both the format and the data on the World Wide Web, intranets, and elsewhere. In Learning XML, the author explains XML and its capabilities succinctly and professionally, with references to real-life projects and other cogent examples. The arrival of support for XML in browsers and authoring tools has followed a long period of intense hype. Major databases, authoring tools (including Microsofts Office 2000), and browsers are committed to XML support. Many content creators and programmers for the Web and other media are left wondering, What can XML and its associated standards really do for me? Learning XML answers these questions, showing the reader how to get the most from XML by tagging and transforming XML documents so they can be processed by web browsers, databases, mobile phones, printers, XML processors, voice response systems, and LDAP directories, just to name a few targets. This book is for anyone who wants to understand what XML is and how to use it. For writers producing XML documents, the book demystifies the process of creating them with the appropriate structure and format. It also discusses the stylesheets needed for viewing documents in the next generation of browsers, databases, and other devices. Designers will learn what parts of XML are most helpful to their team and will get started on creating Document Type Definitions. For programmers, the book explains how to begin programming XML applications. Topics covered include:• The basic concepts and core syntax of XML• Creating links within and between documents using XLink and XPointer• The use of stylesheets, including CSS and XSLT stylesheets, for formatting documents• Document modeling with DTDs and XML Schema• An introduction to internationalization using Unicode• An introduction to programming with XML and to using SAX and DOM.



ISBN 9780596000462
FICHIER Learning XML.pdf
DATE 02/04/2020

5 Nov 2018 ... Instead, courses were developed using edX's "open learning XML" or OLX. When Studio was released, not every capability that was available ... XML really is a pretty horrible way to represent structured data, but unfortunately it gets (ab)used quite a lot by a lot of developers and websites. So if you're only ...


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